Monday, October 12, 2009

malam dan siang

night and day | 4'x5'| koleksi dato' jaffar, bangi

petikan dari jaff point.blogspot :
"After buying Pak Zawi painting my art craze seeped in again. I have been avoiding gallery and art exhibition simply because I am running out of wall to hang my collections. Now I am breaking the rules again and today I bought another exciting art piece titled “ Night and Day” by Abu Yusof. The abstract painting reflects the current chaotic social ills and mad race that made differentiation between good and bad so faint. Luckily God made night and day otherwise we would not know when to stop work and sleep. We will be lost in the chase for wealth and power because, truth and honesty does not matter anymore.

This art piece from Abu Yusof reminds me not to be trapped in the rat race and pollution of the mind. I have to swim away from the strong current that dragging me to the ocean. I am happy in my port and with my new art piece “ Night and Day”. For those who love art, see if you could relates yourself with this exciting work from Abu Yusof. Break away from bad politics be it in the office or at Bagan Pinang."

malam dan siang
siang dan malam

tiada lagi tirai
saling tidak mengenali


Sofie Shah said...

Congrats, you've got a fan! ^^

YobSumO said...

thumbs up! great art work!

abuyusof said...


thanks 2 u 2..

aki.. said...

tahniah, satu anjakan paradigma..